The “Package”

What is in the “Package”?


Live Sand is a vital key ingredient. It is full of microscopic and megascopic organisms which help with denitrification, disposal of detritus and uneaten food.  Live sand must be harvested well offshore in the ocean to be clean of pollutants and silicates. Our Live Sand will be a mixture of sand, shell bits, corallines, bivalves, starfish, snails and many organisms not visible to your eye, but very need in your tank.


Live Rock is the predominate ingredient.  It provides shelter for your tank inhabitants.  Live Rock harvested from the ocean is full of life and bacteria essential to a saltwater tank.  Live rock should be alive.  Accept no substitutes.  True Live Rock will have many animals visible and invisible to your eye.  TBS Live Rock has sponges, worms, feather dusters, hard corals, algae, gorgonians, crustaceans, and bivalves living on and in it.


Clean Up Crew is another important ingredient.  It just that, a crew of critters to help keep your tank clean.  Blue Leg Hermits, Astrea Snails, Serpent / Brittle Starfish, Sea Cucumbers, and Peppermint Shrimp will work together to give you a low maintenance tank.  In TBS’s 30+ years’ experience, a tank set up using the Package will result in a tank that requires less maintenance.  The Clean Up Crew are key to a saltwater tank and should be added in the proper amounts to achieve success

  • Blue leg hermits – will scavenge algae off rocks, sand, corals, macroalgae. Everywhere they go they will clean up.
  • Astrea snails– will cruise around the glass and rocks.  They seek out algae.
  • Serpent / brittle starfish – will live under the rocks and provide two benefits.  They will eat any left-over food and stir sand under rocks preventing dead zones.
  • Sea Cucumbers – will literally eat your sand.  They process sand through their gut cleaning out detritus.
  • Peppermint Shrimp – will live on your rock and sand.  Their digging, sifting, and spawning are valuable for your other reef inhabitants.

Just follow Richard’s Recipe for Success

  • 2 pounds of Live Rock per gallon
  • 1 pound of Live Sand per gallon
  • 1/2 blue leg hermit per gallon
  • 1/2 Astrea snail per gallon
  • 1 serpent or brittle star per 50 gallons
  • 1 cucumber per 50 gallons
  • 1 peppermint shrimp per 50 gallons

This Recipe works for ANY size tank from 1 gallon to 1000+ gallons!