Breathing New Life Into Live Rock

Tampa Bay Saltwater is your source for Premium Ocean Aquacultured Live Rock.
We maintain a underwater rock farm in the Gulf of Mexico. New owners, Madelyn & Jocelyn Lyon continue Richard Londeree’s legacy of providing the finest live rock!

Tampa Bay Saltwater was founded by Richard Londeree in 1990, as Florida’s first live rock lease site located in the Gulf of Mexico. His goal was to help marine enthusiasts establish a healthy environment in their aquariums, and it all began with the “Package”.

“If you think about what is in the wild open ocean, what’s out there? The answer is saltwater, rock, sand, and the animals that inhabit those components. The combination of these ingredients in the open ocean provides a stable and healthy environment for the ocean’s creatures.”-Richard Londeree. “Therefore, the Package is the correct recipe to have a small ocean in your reef tank.”

TBS has a prolific history of supplying premium live rock to hobbyists and institutions for decades. While Richard is now enjoying retirement, he is passionate about mentoring Tampa Bay Saltwater’s new owners, Madelyn & Jocelyn Lyon. The Lyon siblings were raised in and on the Gulf of Mexico. They are dedicated to preserving Florida’s precious marine ecosystems through the process of ocean aquaculturing sustainable man-made rock created from sand, coral skeletons and natural ingredients.

Within the first few months, they have planted 50,000 pounds of Walt Smith cultured rock. This first planting combined with massive amounts of vintage live rock growing on the site will get TBS rocking once again. Every piece of ocean aquacultured live rock is handled with care. It is transported in saltwater from the lease site, stored in our 4,000 gallon warehouse system and shipped to you in saltwater. 100% live.

Our mission is exactly the same as the original TBS; provide customers with premium ocean aquacultured live rock that is absolutely beautiful. Live rock that is colonized by different species of hard coral, tunicates, clams, feather dusters, coralines, sponges, algaes, invertebrates and microbial life!

We can’t wait to harvest for your small ocean!

Madelyn & Jocelyn